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Genealogy Resources - Macrae

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This article will grow to hold the most useful resources for finding your MacRae family roots. Although this list is inevitably full of references to websites, remember that seeing official certificates with your own eyes is always the best way forward. Even the many official copies available through websites do not necessarily have as much information as the original document.

Genealogy Websites with MacRae Sections

  • has a large collection for resources in their 'The McRae Surname' section. This might be a good place to start filling in gaps, or finding general knowledge. Remember that they do offer a free account which will help you get started and decide if you want to upgrade later.
  • RootsWeb (part of ) have discussion lists for surnames. Included are lists for MCRAE, MACRAE, MACRE and MACRA.
  • has surname sections for queries about MACRAE, MCRATH and MCRAE and probably other spellings. The site also has links designed to give you search results from many genealogy websites.
  • Leads to follow: The Clan Macrae Scotland site has a list of potentially good links to research.

Websites with MacRae Sections

History of the Clan MacRae

  • 'History of the clan Macrae with genealogies' by Rev. Alexander Macrae, B.A. is a well known and historically valuable resource published in 1899 and building on the manuscript 'History of the Clan', written by the Rev. John Macrae, of Dingwall, in early years of the 18th century, including the additions made to it by various transcribers down to about the year 1820. Luckily for us some good people have scanned a copy of this book and added it to the project so you can download it and read a copy yourself.
  • 'History of the clan Macrae' by Alexander Macrae has also been adapted by Graeme McRae into a comprehensive website. Although it is a good place to get familiar with Rev. Alexander Macraes book, it lacks citations and references and last time I checked the email link was broken and it looks like he plans to move the site to
  • Clan MacRae excerpt from The Scottish Nation by William Anderson is an interesting general historical article taken from a well respected publication. Just the one page.
  • This interesting article "The Drumderfit (Blar nar Coi) Conspiracy" details the fallout of a conflict between clan MacRae and clan MacLennan
  • Leads to follow: History Of The Mackenzies by Alexander Mackenzie gave several hits for information about Clan MacRae. An interesting but unreferenced set of three different stories of the Clan's origins.

Dedicated MacRae Websites

Please let me know if any of these links are broken, or suggest changes or additions by sending me an email.

Regards, Duncan