My MacRae Family

Fredag, 13 November 2009 23:31 Duncan Lithgow

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Bit by bit I hope to use this article to trace my MacRae family from the earliest times down to today. I'll be carefully sourcing everything, so it might take a while. Please send me your MacRae story to share.

Maurice MacRath came from Ireland to Clunes, with time his children left Clunes, where they settled they established the four branches of the Clans of MacRae.

The earliest references to Clan MacRae take us to Maurice Macrath (abt 1280 – abt 1350) on the lands of Lord Lovat of Clunes. Maurice Macrath [...] arrived in Scotland from Ireland following a quarrel that came about after too much celebration during a wedding feast. When they arrived [...] Maurice, however, killed the would-be assassin [of Bissett, Lord of Lovat], and a grateful Bissett invited Maurice to settle on his estates in Lovat.

Clunes lies southeast of Kintail.

Maurice Macrath became chief forester for the Lovats and he had several sons; John, Christopher, Duncan, and Finlay. Since there is no reference of his sons coming with him from Ireland, it is likely that all of the sons were born in Clunes.

Robert MacRae, 2004

Macrae of Clunes [near the southern shore of the Beauly Firth, Inverness-shire] had three sons who left Clunes.  One went to Brahan, near Dingwall.  Another went to Argyleshire, where he married the heiress of Craignish. Another son is said to have gone to Kintail [MacRae of Kintail]. [...] but the old man himself remained in Clunes all his days, enjoying the esteem and confidence of the Lords of Lovat, four of whom were fostered in his house.

Alexander MacRae, 1899 (not properly sourced yet)

Rev. John MacRae, Rev. Alexander Macrae and Ella MacRae-Gilstrap, in describing the departure of John, indicate that it was some time before the other sons left. According to all three versions, however, there was at last only Maurice remaining at Clunes.

Robert MacRae, 2004